Shun Kaji Fusion 8-Piece Knife Block Set – Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)


oohh just what I always wanted :o)

But it’s so expensive, $649.99, good thing shipping is only $5 descriptions are usually funny 🙂


COOKING CAN BE CATHARTICyour host, Stacy McGillicuddy.

First off, viewers, I know you were all expecting me to show you how to make a fantastic Valentine’s Day dinner for your special someone today with the help of my boyfriend, Teddy. Well, that was before I found out he’d been cheating on me throughout our entire relationship with the random tramps and hussies he was meeting through various social networking sites. Looks like we’re cooking for one today! Sorry for the disappointment, but as I found when I caught him in bed with another woman this morning, life seems to be just chock full of the stuff, doesn’t it?

Instead, we’re going to make a nice healthy salad that I hope will make me feel better about myself after all the nasty things Teddy said about my waistline as he and his strumpet were fleeing my apartment. Why were they fleeing? Well, that’s because I was brandishing one of the knives from this Kai Shun Kaji Fusion 8 Piece Knife Set, the very same set we’ll be using today in our preparations. Let’s get started, shall we?

As you can see, I’ve lined up all my ingredients here on the counter. Today, just for fun, I’m going to use each vegetable to symbolize one of the many promises that were made during the course of my former relationship. For instance, this tomato represents the pretty words about commitment Teddy used to whisper in my ear when we’d hold each other in our arms. Notice how easily the 8” slicing knife cuts through that wonderful dream, leaving it in pieces on the cutting board. And these carrots which represent all those times he said he’d never do anything to hurt me? Watch how quickly that promise gets chopped up with the 8” Chef’s knife, just like Teddy’s lies chopped up my dignity and self-worth.

That’s because his deceptions… I mean, these knives are made with SG-2 powdered steel and clad with a true Damascus nickel alloy/stainless steel combination for an exceedingly sharp and smooth edge, long-lasting durability, and corrosion resistance. And the blunted nose blade of each knife makes it easy to scoop up all those shattered dreams and wishes… excuse me,VEGETABLES… and toss them into a bowl or even into the trash, just like Teddy did with my once joyful heart. Sure, the comfort of the downward-curved ambidextrous handle design and stability bump can make you feel much more confident in your relationship towards them, but watch out, ladies. Lies can cut you to the bone if you’re not careful. The knives, I mean. Yes.

Oh, look! It’s time to slice the onions! Remember your cutting technique when dealing with onions, everyone, to cut down on the tears. Just keep telling yourself you’re not going to cry for that lousy, pathetic excuse for an onion. Not for him, not for anybody.

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