Telepathic communications with your cat

so cute..

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Telepathic communications with your cat

This was the exact look my cat gave me when I scolded him for leaving a disemboweled, headless, bloody rat on my living room floor last night. He seemed surprised that I was not happy. I emphatically told him β€œNo more rats in the house!” Hopefully something of that communication was absorbed telepathically. I really don’t want to clean more messes from the carpet.

By the way, hydrogen peroxide works well to remove blood stains from any fabric or fiber. That part was easy. Picking up the pieces was not so fun. Oh the joys of being a cat steward. πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Telepathic communications with your cat

  1. sryanmliw

    I shall start referring to myself as a Cat Steward. Here I was thinking of myself as a humble servant of the Princess Raowserton. Cat Steward sounds far more dignified.


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